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Phalaris 4 oz - Natural/ Orange / Yellow/ Brown / Pink

Phalaris 4 oz - Natural/ Orange / Yellow/ Brown / Pink

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Dried Phalaris 4 oz - Natural / Orange / Yellow / Brown is a large, coarse grass that has hairless erect stems about 16-18 inches long. Originally grown in the Mediterranean for bird seed, Canary Grass is no longer just for the birds Our beautiful canary grass is a requirement for crafters and florists alike.

Dried Phalaris 4 oz by its very nature makes an attractive display all on its own Slip a bunch of canary grass into a decorative picture for a pleasing country looking display. Place a bouquet of phalaris grass into a tall decorous vase for a chic and formal presentation. The stems are very wiry and are great for arrangements.

90 to 100 stems in a phalaris bunch 4 oz